Monday, May 23, 2011

cupcakes to eat & wear

and who doesn't like cupcakes???

well besides eating them... 
(and yes, these below are raw vegan cupcakes)


there's the extreme cuteness factor  and the pleasure of just looking at them  :)
and yes, the eating of these mini-cakes,
it always comes back to that now, doesn't it?

focus now, & back to cute...

so you can hardly blame me for making a little girl's dress
with cupcakes smocked across the front... (no calories involved)

here is the pattern & fabric  i used

i'm not sure if you can tell the base dress fabric is a pale yellow.

the sprinkles are little beads;  sweet!!!

front & back of finished dress:

 and then the best part was putting it on that special little red-headed girl:

my dh thinks it's the best project i've done to date.
i must admit i myself was also very pleased with the results :)
the magazine "australian smocking and embroidery"
has the most beautiful projects
and they look top quality when done,
but the magazine is sooo expensive.
shipping from australia & all.... 
it's like smocking 'crack' to me,
when ever i see one that i do not have...
i have to own it... 
keeping this habit up will send me to the poor house.
it's a sad thing to see...   
keep me away from ebay at all costs!
ps. if anybody has an unwanted box of them,
 just send them on over
and i will happily take them off your hands, tee hee..

my next blog will be about coffee
especially for those who really don't want to give it up, etc...

stay tuned!  :)

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