Wednesday, May 25, 2011

feels like may

today the sun shone alot
the temps were high enough to peel off my sweater
aaaaand, i made corn for dinner
real liiiive corn
cobs of corn
a sure sign that summer is right around the corner for us :)

the pool of water from around my garden has subsided
(felt a little noah-esque)
 all that was missing was a dove with an olive twig...
so soon i can finish planting my garden...

also i found the vinca vines for my flower boxes
over at home depot this afternoon, i will be planting
them tomorrow with the white petunias and red red geraniums.
here is an example from a previous year

the vinca vine grows very long down the front of the boxes,
i love the look!

i'm hoping you all have had a great day too!

(no worries, coffee blog still ahead)

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