Sunday, May 29, 2011

refreshing! easy! inexpensive!

refreshment is just what is called for  lately
we have had sticky sweaty sweltering heat/humidity
in between the vicious thunderstorms
(which are lovely to watch at dusk
with the lightning shows, but pleeease
2 AM rocking the house in peal after peal of thunder-
nah, let's not.)

anyway, after looking at my last blog, i had an idea
from coffee concentrate was born the idea:
spearment ice cubes to 'scent' my glass of water with flavor
sounds quite refreshing, and i can't wait!

first i picked some spearmint sprigs from my back steps
then i rinsed them (in case any buggies or whatnot was on them)
then i put them in my blender with some water

whizzed it into a froth

strained it

poured it into the ice cube tray

rinsed out the blender
pouring the rinse water on my house plants

and now i am waiting for it to freeze  :)

ok, so i really can't wait...
after rinsing out my nutmilk bag* and hanging it on my faucet to dry..
i put a swig of the raw concentrate into a glass of ice water

and dripped 1 drop of liquid stevia into it for a sweet treat

maybe i should have put a few drops in the concentrate
before pouring into the ice cube tray... time :)

i hope you find this as refreshing as i am right now
summer is only just beginning with june still a day or two away

hoping you get many refreshing moments this summer-

*my nutmilk bag is a one dollar nylon paint straining bag
(1 gallon- not the 5 gallon!) 
picked up at the hardware store.

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  1. My spearmint is taking over my herb garden. I can't wait to try this, it sounds so good and it'll help my garden. ;)