Monday, June 13, 2011


really i mean "late spring" :)
always hopeful tho

i am still putting things away
and trying to catch up from my weekend away.
every now and again i will plop down
with one of my new books
and am transported in to a world of all that could be
if i had lots more time :)
thank you my sister for your generosity,
i love love love all the books 
<3 especially today,  the gardening ones <3

before i left i planted my entire veggie garden
(it had been surrounded by a 'pond' of flood water
so i did not get it planted on time, 2 weeks earlier.)
also the next day i planted 4 rows of sunflowers
mixed with assorted wildflowers and annuals
over by the fruit trees. 

i didn't plant my sunflower patch
last year and sorely missed it when the autumn came
and my camera sat sadly on the table
instead of being out in the early morning & late evening hours
when the light is warm and beconing ,
making every flower look like a fairy tale.  sigh.

i planted veggie seeds around the plethora of self-seeded johnny-jump-ups.
babies from a few plants i had started from seed the previous year.
they are so happy to look at....  :)

also reseeded this year again, were the chammomile-
which really should not be in the garden because
they will absolutely take over (greedy!) 
but i am loving the free chamomile tea
from the many many blossom heads.

today, i planted a gallon of flower seeds-
in a wild flower free seeding manner
all around the property and bare spots.
i had that many marigold seed heads harvested from last year
so i figured i would broadcast them in every nook & cranny
for a burst of color later in the summer.
it really pays to save your own seeds in the fall
let a few plants just grow old for seed duty.

i am doing a load of laundry-
even tho it is not a good hanging out kind of a day.
and i hear my dearest on the mower out back
(i am hoping my garden & flowers are still standing
when i get out there!!!!!)
he is sooo bad about it.
if i had the ability i would have raised flower beds
so he couldn't whack em.

i was able to harvest an early crop of oregano already
from my 2 very healthy mounds of the oregano plants-
huge armfuls-  wow!
i will have enough to share this year.
i put a few shelves worth into the dehydrator
to save for winter tomato sauces.
because it is just too humid to hang bunches
from the ceiling to dry, with all this rainy weather.

it is that time of season where i need to put
the dehydrator out on my little screened porch
so it will whir dutifully without heating up the house
on those hot summer nights.

i love summer with all it's wonderful eats
and beautiful smells and colors, don't you?
happy summer to you all!

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